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Vashni Bates - Owner, Baeletics Fitness Apparel

Baeletics Fitness Apparel is for women that want to stand out with different cuts, slits, halfness, unique pattern and shapes. Giving women a more sexy and confident vibe when working out is our goal. Your fellow gym mate might just have to ask you "Wow! Where did you get that!?"

Vashni Bates, Owner

I wanted to start a women's athletic wear line because I like to work out and look good at the same time. Before I would go to the gym. I had to make sure my work out outfit was on point. I would literally be in my closet piecing together an outfit that matched and most of all made me feel confident and sexy at the same time, I mean it literally had to be a super women outfit and that was the only way that I was going to go to the style with my headphones on ready to kick ass. Only because my outfit made feel sexy and confident. What  truly inspired me to start a athletic line is that while I would be in the gym doing my workouts I would notice that a lot of the women were wearing  bland everyday normal workout attire like leggings and a shirt, that’s it. I want to change what is considered 'everyday' normal athletic gear to a more fashionable work out attire. Work out apparel that you actually feel sexy and confident in, even on days where you don't feel like going to the gym, but with my athletic clothes you will feel like you are the baddest girl who stepped foot on the scene making a bold statement all at the same time. I’m all about health and wellness, looking good, feeling good and most of all feeling sexy. So, I figured why not share my passion to the world!